Understanding the Power of Sports Marketing

There are many different forms of sport marketing some of which are well known however they often get confused and most athletes believe sponsorship is the only way forward when considering a career in sport.

In the past sport was seen as a form of business but sporting success should prevail. However the pursuit of money has increasingly come to represent the aim of sport. Sportsmen and women around the world judge their ability on the types of sponsorship they can attract before they consider what they achieve ‘on the field’. With the increase in money flooding into sport all levels there is opportunity for all levels of athlete to engage with different business for mutual benefit.

Historically it is indeed true that sponsorship deals in sport get the majority of interest and press but the other forms of alignment with business shouldn’t be undervalued from either side of the fence. Athletes can offer businesses from local to national to international opportunities they would not otherwise realise including looking at opportunities outside of the sports products associated with one particular sport.

First things first. In this ever changing world dominated by social media it is imperative that any athlete or business wishing to engage in a sport marketing opportunity knows what they have to offer. Many of the traditional tests of marketing can apply such as a SWOT analysis but what is key to a successful partnership in this industry is a clear understanding of what is deemed important by both sides. In essence ‘what do you want from me’ and ‘what do I have to give you.’

At Tactic Counsel we suggest you look at yourself first and analyse what you have to offer now and in the future if things go your way in your chosen sport. Consider how the sport is likely to progress and start creating a brand for yourself that affords you an identity that can be relied upon by potential businesses. If you don’t know who you are, what you stand for, what you’ve achieved and what you want to achieve your opportunities won’t be forthcoming.

Over the coming weeks this series of articles will cover the different forms of sport marketing to give the reader a better insight into their options for progressing their career in a sustainable way and discuss the many pitfalls of athletes trying to break into the world of sport business.

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Written for MindMuscleCXN
First published by MindMuscleCXN
September 2014

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