Tactic Counsel Is Pleased to Announce New Services For The Sports Sector

Tactic Counsel is pleased to announce a number of new services that we can offer to you and your organisation. We are able to advise you regarding the new apprenticeship levy effective 6 April 2017, as well as provide audits for your organisations in the areas of sports integrity, sports equity and equality, and general company audits as we enter into the Tokyo 2020 investment cycle.


Apprenticeship Levy

The new apprenticeship levy, effective from 6th April 2017, must be paid by any employer with an annual wage bill of more than £3 million. Our services regarding this new levy will provide your organisation with a confidential assessment of your situation regarding the new levy scheme and the specific opportunities it affords your organisation. We will also audit your use of the levy and make annual adjustments and suggestions to plans you choose to implement. Please see the flyer below for more information.

Please click the leaflet Tactic Counsel Apprenticeship Levy For Qualifying Sports Organisations Audit for more information.


Sports Integrity

Integrity in sport is essential not just to the performance on the field or court, but also to exposure and finances. A sport that cannot show that it is doing all it can to promote fair and equal competition will fail to attract sponsors, funding and public appeal. A sport that has a reputation for unfair competition will lose out to other sports that participants and spectators can trust. Our services in sports integrity will provide a confidential assessment and recommendations that will work towards protecting your sport and your integrity. See the informational leaflet below for more information.

Please click the leaflet Tactic Counsel Sports Integrity Audit for more information.

Sports Equity and Equality

Equity and equality are both integral parts of the sporting world. All sporting organisations have a duty to promote equal access to their sport and provide resources on a fair basis. A sport that cannot show that it is doing all it can to promote equity and equal opportunities is failing to make the best use of talent, which will result in lower standards of competition. We can provide you with a confidential assessment that can highlight actions you may need to take in order to better achieve equity and equality. See our informational flyer below for more details.

Please click the leaflet Tactic Counsel Sports Equity and Equality Audit for more information.

Company Audits

With several sports aiming for the Tokyo 2020 Games having their funding revoked, and UK Sport holding firm in their decisions, we at Tactic Counsel can provide company audits that will put you in a position to tackle important issues to make sure your organisation is a robust as it reasonably can be. We will provide you with expert service that will identify strengths and concerns, and will offer possible solutions to any concerns that arise. Please see our leaflet below for additional information.

Please click the leaflet Tactic Counsel Company Audits for more information.



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