News Release – Kanduu Comes To Town


News Release

– For Immediate Release –

1st August 2017


Kanduu Comes To Town – Meet Our Most Recent Addition to Tactic Counsel

We are proud to announce our newest addition to Tactic Counsel, an elephant!

“Kanduu” our elephant is symbolic of what we believe in as a company. An elephant is the only other animal on the planet that can display empathy. They create long standing relationships and project their feelings through action so their herd understands them. These are key elements of the Tactic Counsel philosophy and our objectives as a business. Our elephant symbolizes our strength, support, empathy and nurturing instincts to help our clients achieve.

Elephants stick together and are there to support each other each other and their herd in its entirety. The nurturing communities that elephants have is a part of their success as a species. The name for our elephant, Kanduu, comes from the origins of an elephant that united a country in the second century in the Far East.

Unification is a topic highlighted in the world of sport; as a company we look to support the progressive movement for unification. “Kanduu” has joined us to promote coming together because with the help of others and community we “can do” it together.

Kanduu will be featured in a variety of ways across Tactic Counsel. It’s first project will be presented next week over our social media platforms. So “like”, “subscribe”, and “follow” us to see more on Kanduu! We hope you like our newest team member as much as we do because it is all about the “can do”.

Please email for further information.

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