Music Mondays

By Alex Wong

Edited by Genevieve Gordon

Introducing #MusicMonday at Tactic Counsel

For many people, music serves a number of purposes. It can tell a story, it can serve as a background, it can energize you and it can mellow you out. Music is a mood booster. And with nicer weather (and summer!) around the corner, music can serve as a nice bridge to warmer months and carry you through the middle of the year.

At Tactic Counsel, one of the areas we focus on is personal stability and wellbeing. Sometimes when you’re feeling down, some good music can brighten your day, which goes hand-in-hand with your wellbeing.

The goal of #MusicMonday is to provide you with a short playlist of songs, curated by members of Tactic Counsel as well as some of our friends in the sporting world, that can serve as a pick-me-up. You will never guess who we are starting off with 😉

We hope you get to know us a little bit better through our song selection too

A new playlist on the first Monday of every month, from March to December.

Welcome to #MusicMonday at Tactic Counsel!

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