‘Gronk’ Dominates The Field And Finances in the NFL

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‘Gronk’ Dominates The Field And Finances in the NFL


With the Super Bowl just around the corner, one of the most dynamic athletes in American football will be unable to play.

A back injury and subsequent surgery put New England Patriots superstar Rob Gronkowski on the shelf in early December 2016. “Gronk”, as he is known, has a history of bad injuries in his career, including: breaking his left forearm twice in a two-month span in 2012, a surgery on that arm which led to an infection, two more surgeries as a result of the infection, a torn right ACL in 2013, a pulmonary contusion in November 2016, and now the herniated disk that has been the most recent cause for worry among Patriots fans. Keep in mind this is not even his full injury history, and only from his time in the NFL (2010-present).

Gronkowski is a mammoth of a man, standing nearly 2 m tall and weighing 120 kg. But just how much more punishment can he take before he calls it quits, whether on his own accord or not?

Luckily for him, he may be set financially for the rest of his life no matter when he retires.

Maligned for the majority of his professional career for his “party-boy” style off the playing field, Gronk actually lives entirely off of advertising money. In his memoir, “It’s Good to be Gronk”, the superstar writes:

“To this day, I still haven’t touched one dime of my signing bonus or NFL contract money. I live off my marketing money and haven’t blown it on any big-money expensive cars, expensive jewellery or tattoos and still wear my favorite pair of jeans from high school…”

He’s made over £13 million off of his contracts alone, and his 6-year, £43 million deal with a £6.4 million signing bonus is the largest contract for a tight end in NFL history. Yet with all of this money and penchant for partying, Gronk has managed to keep it all and has avoided many frivolous purchases. In a world where so many former athletes have found themselves in a need for work in order to offset bad spending habits, Gronkowski looks set for his financial future.

While many of us can only wish to see a fraction of what Rob Gronkowski has earned, the idea is the same: Manage your assets well, and you can avoid headaches down the road.

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