Golf – It’s in the family

Written by Genevieve Gordon

Edited by Andrew Thomson

First published (abridged) by My Golf Academy in their October newsletter.

A short blog post on my notion of golf and it’s many benefits

I came to golf late in life and with a lot of reticence. I was absolutely of the mindset that golf is a good walk wasted.

So how did I end up here; a golfer?

Well, my son was diagnosed at a young age with cancer and therefore was very restricted in the activities he could be involved in due to the threat of infection. My father, in his wisdom, marched him off to the local golf club where he had lessons in the open air, at his pace, with a great PGA coach. Golf allowed him to feel part of the world around him and, more importantly, it afforded him the right to be seen as a little golfer rather than a sick child. His smile was infectious and watching him play made me cry in awe.

I took it up because I refused to be left out and I now have regular lessons because I refuse to be a beginner. In no time at all I have come to realise that golf, and golf clubs, are friendly and content places where anyone, with any level of ability, can go to have fun. As an absolute beginner to this game, I am surprised that I have already played with friends, family, the Managing Director of Golf Escapes and can hold an eloquent golf conversation (at a push and with some pre determined pointers from my husband).

Recently we were present at MY Golf Academy’s inaugural golf event at Celtic Manor. This proved two things to me. Firstly, I am not sure I have the time to play 18 holes so for now it is still the short par three course for me. Secondly, and more importantly, all of the golfers, of varying age, spoke of how many doors the game had opened for them, how good it had been for them mentally and how much they love playing with their families and their friends. For me that is the best research – ask those that are playing what the benefits are to them.

Quite simply I have decided along with all the statistics that prove it, that golf is good for us. Read Golf Digest’s article by @JoelMBeal to find the little known benefits of golf along with the recently well documented medical benefits as discussed in a recent article on the @BBC website.

Golf allows us to be equal as a family, my son can sometimes do something better than his rather gifted father for starters. In wistful moments I transport myself back to Magnetic Island golf course in Australia, which my Uncle helped to build and where my Aunt was captain for many years, and I believe I can beat the four generations of my family that were on the course that day. There are few sports that transcend ability, expertise, age and keep your family away from the 21st century devil commonly known as ‘a gadget’ for more than an hour. I for one support the notion of getting out into the fresh air and learning a skill that is more than just the sport. It’s the camaraderie, its the social etiquette and more than anything its the nuances of a self regulating game that make it so valuable.

Tactic Counsel supports MY Golf Academy’s Fairways to Horsham Primary School competition and if you ever needed a reason to get your children into golf then take a few moments to watch the official film of the inspiring Fairways to Horsham grand final event.

Genevieve Gordon

CEO, Tactic Counsel

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