Duty of Care to Athletes – Extending the Legal Principle

Duty of Care to Athletes

Extending the Legal Principle

Our CEO, Gen Gordon, addressed the audience in the afternoon giving a brief talk on the extension of care to athletes. The talk was centred around her recent paper for the Global Sports Law and Taxation Review.

It was a pleasure to be asked to speak a the BASL mini-conference hosted by De Montfort University’s Law School with esteemed colleagues Kevin Carpenter (Captivate Legal Solutions), Lydia Banerjee (Littleton Chambers) and James Bennington (Chelsea FC).

Speaking at BASL DMU Mini-Conference

Speaking at BASL DMU Mini-Conference

The talk walked the audience through the well established legal principle of a duty of care found in Donoghue v Stevenson by Lord Atkin and went on to explore opportunities for athletes to be afforded an extension of this principle with an emphasis placed on transition.

It was suggested that sports organisations and governing bodies should be more considerate of dual careers for athletes and less restrictive in athletes external and individual interests.

Genevieve talk elicited a good response in the panel discussion which goes to show much needs to be done to support athletes and the organisations that do support them.


Speaking at the BASL/DMU mini conference

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