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England’s Home Advantage Taken Away?

Even though England is the host nation for the Rugby World Cup, they are being forced to wear their red away kit instead of traditional white for their opening match against Fiji at Twickenham. World Cup regulations have ruled that every stadium must be treated as a neutral venue, and with Fiji’s home kit also being white, a coin toss had to decide who got to wear their white. Fiji won the toss and therefore the right to wear their white kit, making England having to wear their red away kit.

In addition, Fiji has been nominated as the ‘home’ side for the opening match, and will be given the advantage of being put in England’s normal changing room. Which will force the host nation into the smaller away changing room. However, to try and even the playing pitch, Fiji will not be allowed to use the extra facilities in their changing room such as the direct access to the gym and the hydrotherapy baths.

Nonetheless, England will be able to return to their home changing room for the defining matches against Wales and Australia. Who both surprisingly chose to be housed in the away changing room even though they both won ‘home’ advantage in the toss.

So has England lost part of their home-pitch advantage by not being able to be housed in their traditional changing room for the entire tournament and by not being able to wear their home kit? It would seem so, however, they seem to have a great attitude about the whole situation. With Stuart Lancaster, the England head coach, stating home crowds will be a major boost for his side’s World Cup hopes.

We here at Tactic Counsel will unquestionably be rooting for the real home team, England, and hope to see them take victory all the way through. With a 7/2 odds of winning and a 6th world ranking, England definitely has the potential to win it all!

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