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Athlete Confidential

‘Take control of your future in a truly independent environment’ 

A unique opportunity for athletes to put themselves in a position to engage, learn and grow as a person and an athlete.

Benefits from Attending

  • Independent support giving athletes an un-biased view on issues they choose to share with their best interests in mind
  • Personal Growth gaining independent thought to support your future decisions
  • Extending network of support through meeting new people
  • Educational seminars that are themed so attendees begin building a toolkit for their future
  • Guest speakers giving an insight into their own experiences in sport and beyond
  • Open forum enabling athletes to share their own experiences, frustrations and make sense of their role in sport and future
  • Friendly unbiased environment which means athletes can speak openly and easily to really derive benefit from within the group
  • Multi-disciplinary meetings which mean athletes have scope to engage with and learn different points of view from different sporting backgrounds whilst creating diversity in thinking

Important Information

  • Regular meetings so help is never far away
  • Effective way of being supported in a controlled and supportive environment
  • Planned delivery of structured sessions
  • Themed meetings therefore you know the topics being covered at each meeting
  • Run by sports industry professionals with wide ranging backgrounds, skills and knowledge
  • Easily accessible locations  never too far away to help yourself achieve
  • Accountability means we are accountable for the information you receive at the meetings so you can be sure that each meeting will be of benefit
  • Independent from all sports organisations and governing bodies so
  • Focus is on you as a person now, planning for your tomorrow and every day after to make it a success
  • Confidential meetings allowing athletes to rest in the knowledge that they can be as open as they wish and no topic is off limits whilst all discussion is completely confidential

The benefit of independent support should never be underestimated.

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