Athlete Confidential Launch


Athlete Confidential

Tactic Counsel is pleased to announce the launch of their new service ‘Athlete Confidential’.


What is the purpose?

Athlete Confidential has been set up with you in mind. The purpose is to provide a platform for a peer to peer network enabling you to come together and share experiences, learn and discuss problems and concerns you may have regarding your current career or in preparation for your post sports career.


Why should I come?

The meetings will afford you the opportunity to take control of your future whilst equipping you with the tools to deal with the here and now through knowledge sharing sessions that have been set up just for you.

The meetings are multi-disciplinary therefore giving you a unique opportunity to share your thoughts in a confidential environment that provides support and knowledge along the way.

At each meeting you will have the opportunity to hear from someone that has been where you are now or has a relevant story to share, an open forum to discuss issues relevant to you, to gain knowledge and support one another whilst having Tactic Counsel staff on hand to facilitate discussion.


What should I expect at a meeting?

Each meeting is structured maximising your opportunity to engage, learn and support one another. We will invite a relevant guest speaker to address the group followed by a workshop, open forum and networking with your peers.


When are the meetings?

Athlete Confidential meetings will be held once every six weeks.


How many people will be there?

It is our intention to keep meetings to a size that facilitates a relaxed and calm environment promoting the notion of peer to peer support and knowledge-sharing without intimidation.


What are the benefits of attending?

There are many benefits to coming along to a meeting:

  • Confidential and truly independent environment
  • Enable you to take control in an independent setting
  • Learn from others who have been in your position
  • Hear from other athletes and individuals from the world of sport and beyond
  • Extend your network
  • non-conflict of interest support from Tactic Counsel and other relevant experts
  • Discover different options available to you for your journey
  • life-style help and career planning

For further information please email or telephone 01403230751

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