🎶 Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow (not)🎶

Written by Jim Roberts

Edited by Genevieve Gordon


🎶 Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow (not)🎶


Snow… It wasn’t so long ago when I absolutely loved snow…

I have these amazing childhood memories of sledding at home with my brother and sister until we were so wet and cold we couldn’t feel our fingers or toes, then returning to the house stripping off in front of the log burner while our overalls and coats were thrown in the tumble dryer. Then as soon as they were dry we’d repeat the process over and over again until we were thoroughly exhausted.

Even growing older there was that same sense of excitement that came with snow but I do think our toys were better plus the Health and Safety elf wasn’t out in full force! Instead of just sledding we could tie the sled behind our quad bike and find even steeper hills to try. It also meant we didn’t have to walk back up the hill with the sled every time. I can even remember, after passing my driving test, we’d actually go looking for snowy roads to drive on.

My dad hates snow. I’m not sure if it’s always been the case but ever since I can remember it’s just been more of a hindrance and with him working in construction it makes sense. It brings everything to a halt.

Well I can now say with absolute certainty that I hate snow. We don’t get very much of it in the UK but I’m really not a fan.

I woke up yesterday morning with the same wonder and awe that I did when I was a child. A snowy landscape really is incredibly beautiful. But the harsh reminder came as soon as I tried to go outside. Hands get wet and cold within seconds, caster forks get clogged up and pushing on any terrain suddenly becomes almost impossible.

Ironically the snow actually makes me feel disabled. I normally go about my usual day to day tasks with relative ease, when it snows though I am pretty much housebound. It definitely makes me more grumpy; my girlfriend noticed it almost immediately. I definitely don’t like being unable to do things or having to rely on other people throughout the day.

I have a renewed respect for my wheelchair bound friends in Canada and the northern states of the USA but then I wonder whether they’re right in the head wanting to stay in that weather.

I also wonder about winter Paralympians and how they get around ski resorts and such. I’d love to try and go skiing but knowing how much trouble 4” of snow gives me in the UK I tend to think it’ll be pretty impossible.

We usually only get a couple days a year of snow here in the UK and that’s quite enough for me thank you! (Kinda wishing a little bit for one of those Phoenix winters right about now.)

All in all I’ll be pretty pleased when the snow is gone.

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